Can I make changes to my booking once it's been confirmed?
Making changes to a booking is fairly simple but would depend on some conditions: whether your reservation complies with the cancellation policy, and if the service provider you selected is able to accommodate your request. If your request is still within the cancellation cut-off time, you could simply cancel your existing booking and rebook it with the correct details. Otherwise, your request may only be accommodated depending on how early you notify Travelpro or the service provider about the changes.
How we order your search results
There are many travel options available on our sites and we want to make your search results as relevant as possible. That’s why we offer lots of ways to help you search for and plan your travel. Our site uses complex, dynamic algorithms to ensure your search results are ordered efficiently. On the search results page, you can select how to sort the results we display, and also use filter options to see only those search results that meet your chosen preferences. If you don’t decide to use these features, then you’ll see our chosen default sort order which orders results as follows: Flights Results are ordered lowest to highest price. Where two flights have the same price, the shorter flight is listed first. Accommodation Results are ordered starting with the most relevant and competitive offers based on a range of factors, including a property’s offered price compared to its historical prices, its guest rating, number of reviews, number of bookings to date, and location (relative to your destination search). They are also further differentiated by traveller satisfaction factors, including the range and quality of images and information provided for properties, the number of guest relocations and the number of refunds due to complaints about stays, property availability on our sites, and the overall price competitiveness for our travellers. In addition, how much we are paid (eg: commissions from accommodation or compensation on bookings) when you book a property and such booking is completed is one of the factors taken into consideration when determining the relative order of properties with similar offers in our search results listings. What we are paid recognises the part we play in listing the property on our site, facilitating the booking and facilitating your stay at the property. Where we are displaying properties with a similar offer, then a booking from which we are paid more commission or compensation will feature higher in our search results listing compared to other properties with similar offers where we are paid less commission or compensation on the booking. Cars Results are ordered by taking into account price and other factors such as the number of bookings of an offer to date, customer review scores, car category/type and pick-up location relative to your arrival location. Cruises Results are ordered by taking into account factors such as cruise line rating, ship rating, price per day, origin rating, destination rating, length of cruise and booking window. Things to Do Results are ordered by taking into account factors such as price, searched-for experiences, location including distance from accommodation options, traveller reviews and local research. In addition, they may also take into account number of bookings to date and compensation we may earn on a booking. Combined Searches and Vacation Packages Results are ordered by the criteria outlined above for each individual component. If you select a specific sort order option such as those prioritising price, deals, guest reviews, property class or rating, distance from centre, etc., the results list will be ordered with a focus on your selected priorities, using the factors described above as they relate to your search. This will also be the case for some pages that showcase offers in a destination or for a style of accommodation, etc. If you apply a filter, the results list will be presented using the factors described above as they relate to your search, filtered by the specific feature(s) and amenity(ies) you’ve selected. We’re constantly updating our systems and testing new ways to refine your results to make them as relevant as possible to accommodate your needs.
Payment security and options
We use SSL, the highest standard of digital information security, to protect you and your personal information. Just check for https:// at the beginning of the address in your browser when you book with us. Protection from unauthorized card use To protect your card from unauthorized use, we verify its 3- or 4-digit identification number with every purchase. For most cards, this number is in the signature field, on the back of the card. For American Express, this number is above the card number, on the front of the card. Good to know If your payment did not go through, please read Troubleshoot declined payments for more information and options. All prices are displayed in the site's local currency, unless otherwise specified. If you book from outside the local country, or your card's issuing bank is outside the local country, you may be charged an international transaction fee.
Change or cancellation fees
What this means Some changes and cancellations are free of charge, while for others you may need to pay a fee. Please check the rules and restrictions in your itinerary for fees and other details prior to initiating a change or cancellation. Still need help? If you need assistance, please contact us.
Change or cancel your booking
If you find an issue with your booking or have multiple itineraries for the same trip, you may be able to change or cancel your booking, most often online. To change or cancel your booking online Go to your itinerary page. Locate the manage booking section in your itinerary. Select the Change or Cancel link and follow the instructions. If you cannot change or cancel online If you cannot locate the Change or Cancel link in your itinerary, or cannot successfully complete the change or cancellation online, this usually means: Your booking is not changeable or cancellable. OR Your booking cannot be changed or cancelled online. Please contact us for assistance. Good to know Some changes or cancellations are subject to fees. See Change or cancellation fees for details. Some bookings are non-refundable. If you cancel a non-refundable booking, you will not receive a refund. See Refund process and timelines for details. Prior to initiating a change or cancellation, please review the detailed rules and restrictions in your itinerary. If you have difficulties finding your itinerary, please read View or find your booking. If you don't check in during your hotel's check-in hours, or never show up without canceling first, the hotel may charge you a no-show penalty fee. This fee can vary, so check the Rules and restrictions in your itinerary for your hotel's policies. Still need help? If you need assistance, please contact us.
After I make a booking, when will I get the voucher?
This depends on the activity you've booked. You can find out whether your booking has instant confirmation or 24-48 hours confirmation on the activity's page. For activities with "Instant confirmation", that means your booking will be confirmed within 5 minutes. If you haven't received your confirmation email by the time listed, please check the spam folder in your email inbox first. Still can't find it? Chat with us online. Simply go to the Bookings page, select the booking and then select the chat icon.